Alexander CS Hendorf

Alexander Hendorf is responsible for data and artificial intelligence at the boutique consultancy KÖNIGSWEG in Germany. He has many years of experience in the practical application, introduction and communication of data and AI-driven strategies and decision-making processes.
Through his commitment as a speaker and chair of various international conferences as PyConDE & PyData Berlin, he is a proven expert in the field of data intelligence. He's been appointed Python Software Foundation and EuroPython fellow for this various contributions. Currently he is sitting board member of Python Software Verband (Germany) and the EuroPython Society (EPS).

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Solving Data Problems in Management Accounting
Alexander CS Hendorf, Lucas-Raphael Müller

Controllers deal with numbers all day long. They have to check a lot of data from different sources. Often the reports contain erroneous or missing data. Identifying outliers and suspicious data is time-consuming.

This presentation will introduce a Small Data Problem-End2End workflow using statistical tools and machine learning to make controllers' jobs easier and help them be more productive.

We will demonstrate how we used amongst others,
- scipy
- pandera
- dirty cat
- nltk
- fastnumbers
to create a self-improving system to automate the screening of reports and report outliers in advance so that they can be eliminated more quickly.

PyData: Data Engineering
South Hall 2B
Python Organizers' Panel: Exploring Community-Driven Python Conferences
Alexander CS Hendorf, Alessia Marcolini, Jimena Bermúdez, Bára Drbohlavová, Honza Javorek, Tim (文昌) Hsu, David Vaz

Did you know that Python conferences are primarily organized by the community? Go backstage and join us at the Python

Join us for an engaging and insightful discussion as we bring together a group of passionate Python conference organizers from the community. Discover the vibrant ecosystem behind Python conferences and gain valuable insights into their experiences, motivations, and learnings.

Whether you are an aspiring organizer, a Python enthusiast, or simply curious about the inner workings of community-driven events, this panel promises to provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Don't miss the opportunity to hear firsthand from the dedicated individuals who make Python conferences an incredible experience for all!

PyCharm (Forum Hall)