Radoslav Georgiev

Generalist. A multi-disciplinary problem solver & a technical team lead.

Currently leading & growing teams at HackSoft.

Software developer with 10+ years of experience, studied Computer Science in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University.

Founder and CEO of HackSoft (Sofia based software company with main focus in Python, Django and Scala) and HackBulgaria (Programming courses, based in Sofia / Bulgaria with main focus of getting the students ready for their first job - either as an intern or a junior developer. Mainly focused in Python and Java)

Former teacher - Functional Programming classes (Racket / Haskell) @Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics , Programming with Python and Django @HackBulgaria.

An open source contributer to Django Styleguide - https://github.com/HackSoftware/Django-Styleguide

GitHub - https://github.com/RadoRado/


Upgrading Django - from legacy to latest
Radoslav Georgiev, Kamen Kotsev

Django is a framework that's been around for more than 15 years, which makes for enough legacy projects to deal with.

In this talk we'll show practical tips and tricks for how to get Django from legacy to latest & greatest.

Web (2023)
Terrace 2B