William Dealtry

William Dealtry has been working in both Python and C++ for many years, and has been a member of the C++ standardization committee for more than a decade. Having previously worked with financial data a places like the New York Stock Exchange and Goldman Sachs, he is currently the Architect of a new open-source Dataframe database, ArcticDB, which is backed by long-time Python enthusiasts Man Group and Bloomberg.


Python interoperability: building a Python-first, petabyte-scale database
William Dealtry

How can you scale Python to run at petabyte scale, with the reliability needed to trade billions of dollars? With ArcticDB we have been doing exactly that for the last four years, by leveraging interoperability between Python and high-performance C++, with a detailed understanding of the data structures inside Python and a few extra tricks up our sleeves.

Come take a peek under Python's bonnet and learn how to hotwire a few things along the way.

Software Engineering & Architecture (2023)
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