Python on Arm architecture
07-20, 10:30–11:15 (Europe/Prague), Terrace 2A

Arm is everywhere technology matters: 250+ billion chips in everything from sensors to smartphones to servers. Due to its simplicity, versatility, and growth in popularity over the past decade Python is the most used language in the world.

In this presentation I will show you what the status of Python is on Arm architecture on all major operating systems and how you could help to improve it further.

I've recently joined the RCVM (runtimes, compilers and virtual machines) team in the Open Source Software group at Arm for a secondment of 6 months, looking at the status of Python and its ecosystem on Arm architecture. I engage with Arm's internal teams, external partners and the upstream community looking at potential gaps and how these can be fixed. During the presentation I will introduce the Arm architecture and explain the status of Python and its ecosystem on it. I will share my findings about potential gaps to be fixed and how we (as company, partners and community) can fix them to have a flawless Python experience on Arm.

The high-level agenda for this talk is:

  • Introduction to Arm architecture and why this matters to you (5 min)
  • What it has been done to enable Python on Arm architecture (10 min)
    • This will likely involve activities from Arm, its partners and the upstream community
    • I'll try to cover all major operating systems
  • What gaps do we have today? (10 min)
    • This will be likely the result of my secondment
  • What's next? (5 min)
    • How you can help to get Python and its ecosystem even better on Arm architecture
  • Final remarks (5 min)

Expected audience expertise


I work as a Principal Software Engineer at Arm Ltd and I have a Python Guild within the company with more than 800 members.
I've been using Python since 2006 almost on a daily basis implementing all sorts of software.
I do care about software quality.