Build your first GraphQL API using Python 🍓
07-18, 13:45–15:15 (Europe/Prague), Club B

This workshop will teach you how to create your first GraphQL API using Python and Strawberry. We will be using using Fastapi as our framework of choice, but most of the concept will be applicable to other frameworks too.

We'll learn how GraphQL works under the hood, and how we can leverage type hints to create end to end type safe GraphQL queries.

To run this workshop you need to have at least python 3.8 and have followed the installation guide here:

Expected audience expertise


Patrick Arminio, is Senior developer advocate at Apollo GraphQL. He's super passionate about Python and GraphQL! 🎉 He loves building cool web apps, contributing to open-source projects, and sharing his know-how with fellow developers. When he's not coding he's probably at some conference or running 😊

He's an organizer for PyCon Italia and EuroPython 🇪🇺

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