Packaging Python Apps with Briefcase
07-20, 12:30–13:00 (Europe/Prague), PyCharm (Forum Hall)

Python has proven itself to be a powerful tool for data science, and for web servers. However, one area where it hasn't historically been popular is in building applications for end users.

In this talk, you'll discover how you can use Briefcase to distribute an app to users on desktop, mobile, and the web - all from a single Python codebase.

Once you're written your amazing new application using Python, the next problem you'll face is how to get that application into the hands of users. If your users are familiar with pip and and venv, you can put pip install into a README, and leave it at that. But what if your audience aren't Python programmers? What if your app needs to be used by people who don't write Python at all? How do you distribute your code so that others can use it?

In this talk, you'll learn about Briefcase, a tool that can convert a Python project into platform-native installers on macOS, Windows, Linux - and can also target iOS, Android, and the web. You'll learn how to use Briefcase to start a new project, or convert an existing project for distribution. You'll learn about the features of Briefcase that can support you while you develop your application. Finally, you'l learn how to generate installers and standalone applications for multiple platforms from a single Python codebase.

Expected audience expertise


Dr Russell Keith-Magee is the founder of the BeeWare project, a project developing GUI tools and libraries to support the development of Python software on desktop and mobile platforms. He joined the Django core team in 2006, and for 5 years, was President of the Django Software Foundation. He is a frequent speaker at Python and Django conferences around the globe, sharing his experience as a FLOSS developer, community maintainer, and (unsuccessful) startup founder. In his day job, he is a Principal Engineer at Anaconda, working on BeeWare in the OSS team.