Interactive, animated reports and dashboards in Streamlit with ipyvizzu.
07-19, 15:30–16:00 (Europe/Prague), Terrace 2B

It's great when you can share the results of your analysis not only as a presentation but as something that non-data scientists can explore on their own, looking for insights and applying their business expertise to understand the significance of what they find.

With its accessibility for both creators and viewers, Streamlit offers a brilliant platform for data scientists to build and deploy data apps. Now, with the integration of ipyvizzu - a new, open-source data visualization tool focusing on animation and storytelling - you can quickly create and publish interactive, animated reports and dashboards on top of static or dynamic data sets and your models.

The ability to build Streamlit apps that enable business users to explore data on their own is an excellent way to support data-driven decision-making in any organization. Pair this up with the animated transitions between the charts provided by the new, open-source library, ipyvizzu, and you have a self-service, interactive report or dashboard that makes it much easier for non-experts to make sense of complex data sets.

In this talk, one of the creators of ipyvizzu shows how their technology works within Streamlit and the advantages of using animation in self-service data exploration to help business stakeholders feel smarter and do a better job.

We'll cover the following topics within the talk:
- Introduction to Vizzu, the open-source C++/JavaScript library behind ipyvizzu
- Benefits of animated charts for storytelling and data exploration
- Basic logic and options of ipyvizzu
- Quick walkthrough of building an interactive report within Streamlit
- Live examples to showcase the benefits and the opportunities

Expected audience expertise


Peter is the CEO & Co-Founder of Vizzu.

His primary focus is understanding how Vizzu's innovative approach to data visualization can be put to good use. Listening to people complaining about their current hurdles with building charts and presenting them is his main obsession, next to figuring out how to help data professionals utilize the power of animation in dataviz.

Peter has been involved with digital product development for over 15 years. Earlier products/projects he worked on cover mobile app testing, online analytics, data visualization, decision support, e-learning, educational administration & social. Still, building a selfie teleport just for fun is what he likes to boast about when asked about previous experiences.