Q&A panel for data science newbies
07-19, 14:35–15:05 (Europe/Prague), Terrace 2B

Are you just getting started in the world of data science and feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of information on various packages, models, and techniques? Perhaps you're finding it challenging to decide which visualization package to use or which tools to begin with. Maybe you're puzzled by the distinctions between pip and Conda, or you're feeling bombarded by all the news about AI and large language models.

Worry no more! Join us for this Q&A session, where a panel of data science experts will be there to address all of your pressing questions. This session is designed to create a relaxed and welcoming environment for complete beginners in the field, offering guidance on topics that might be causing confusion.

Expected audience expertise


Before working in Developer Relations, Cheuk has been a Data Scientist in various companies which demands high numerical and programmatical skills, especially in Python. To follow her passion for the tech community, Cheuk is now working with the open-source community. Cheuk also contributes to multiple Open Source libraries like Hypothesis, Django and Pandas.

Besides her work, Cheuk enjoys talking about Python on personal streaming platforms and podcasts. Cheuk has also been a speaker at Universities and various conferences. Besides speaking at conferences, Cheuk also organises events for developers. Conferences that Cheuk has organized include EuroPython (which she is a board member), PyData Global and Pyjamas Conf. Believing in Tech Diversity and Inclusion, Cheuk constantly organizes workshops and mentored sprints for minority groups. In 2021, Cheuk has become a Python Software Foundation fellow.

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I’m a Student Researcher at the University of Stuttgart (Computational Linguistics) and an ML Developer Advocate at Hugging Face focusing on extracting better insights from Text + Audio.

I’ve been a freelancer, tax analyst, consultant, tech speaker and advisor for five years. In the past three years, I’ve invested significant time volunteering for open source and science organisations like Hugging Face, EuroPython, PyCons across APAC, Google Cloud Delhi, and Facebook Developer Circles.

Delhi native, I now live in Germany!

Dr. Jodie Burchell is the Developer Advocate in Data Science at JetBrains, and was previously the Lead Data Scientist in audiences generation at Verve Group Europe. After finishing a PhD in Psychology and a postdoc in biostatistics, she has worked in a range of data science and machine learning roles across search improvement, recommendation systems, NLP and programmatic advertising. She is passionate about making Python data science and machine learning accessible for others. She is also a long time content creator in data science, across conference and user group presentations, books, webinars, and blogging.

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Valerio Maggio is a Researcher, a Data scientist Advocate at Anaconda, and a casual "Magic: The Gathering" wizard. He is well versed in open science and research software, supporting the adoption of best software development practice (e.g. Code Review) in Data Science. Valerio is also an open-source contributor, and an active member of the Python community. Over the last twelve years he has contributed and volunteered to the organization of many international conferences and community meetups like PyCon Italy, PyData, EuroPython, and EuroSciPy. All his talks, workshop materials and random ramblings are publicly available on his Speaker Deck and GitHub profiles.

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