Orchestrating Python Workflows in Apache Airflow
07-21, 11:55–12:25 (Europe/Prague), South Hall 2B

Apache Airflow is an Open Source workflow orchestrator. It is a python library that allows you to automate complex code and integrate it with a plethora of Data Sources. It is provided with an integrated UI and API for both your human and programmatic needs.

After 5 years of running Airflow in production, I hope to share some insights on the technology. The strengths and weaknesses, recommended features and more dangerous ones, and similar considerations on the UI.

I'll also be talking about how you can make your own Operators in Airflow.

Come take a deeper dive into the same solution used by Airbnb, Slack, Walmart and many more to efficiently run their data pipelines.

Expected audience expertise


I am a Franco-Mexican Data Engineer working remotely from Taiwan.

I'm an Open Source enthusiast, a big fan of the PewPew (EP2019) and recurring attendee of the EuroPython Conferences!