Performance tips by the FastAPI Expert
07-21, 11:55–12:25 (Europe/Prague), North Hall

Is your FastAPI really fast? Did you benchmark it, or you just have faith?

On this talk, Marcelo will give tips to improve the performance of your FastAPI application, and you’ll see how impactful those changes can be.

We’ll go through FastAPI common mistakes regarding performance, and how to make improvements.

We’ll make a small study about how those improvements can impact on your applications, and you’ll find out that even small details can make a tremendous impact.

As part of the study, we'll talk about points like encoding and decoding your data, the event loop, specific details about validation, and so on.

Expected audience expertise


Marcelo is currently maintaining Uvicorn and Starlette, and he's known as a FastAPI Expert. He recently joined Pydantic as a Senior Software Engineer.