Give your program Appeal!
07-20, 14:35–15:05 (Europe/Prague), South Hall 2B

This talk presents Appeal, a new library for command-line parsing in Python. Appeal avoids the cumbersome APIs and repetition endemic to the currently prevalent libraries in this space by leveraging Python's own function call interface. This talk will familiarize the audience with Appeal, its motivation, its approach, and its expressive power, and show them how to use Appeal in their own programs.

Appeal is a new and different command-line parsing library. It leverages Python's powerful function call interface to define your command-line, thus avoiding the clumsy, wordy APIs and endless repetition associated with other libraries. With Appeal, you just write Python functions, and it does the rest! This talk will show you how to use Appeal, how it works internally, and will leave you ready to use Appeal with your own programs.

Expected audience expertise


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