Serve notebook as a Web App with Mercury framework
07-19, 13:00–14:00 (Europe/Prague), Terrace 2B

Make your coding meaningful to non-technical recipients! Write your code in Jupyter Notebook, add widgets with the Mercury framework, and easily turn your notebook into an interactive web app. Or.. create a dashboard, a report, and DEPLOY it.

Problem: sharing coding work, notebooks with stakeholders, non-technical people without any basic knowledge of coding.
Solution: 1. Write code in Jupyter Notebook. 2. Install Mercury 3. Choose widgets and decide how to present it. 3. Deploy.
The poster will show how, with a few steps transform, a notebook into an interactive website, report, and dashboard easily. Using the Mercury framework doesn't require frontend technologies knowledge, only python. With this open-source solution, you can decide to restrict access to the created web app by adding authentication. What is more, you can set up notifications, show or hide code, serve multiple apps without the user's limit, users can easily export the executed notebook as a PDF or HTML. It doesn't require rewriting your code. In the end, you can decide if you want to self-host it or deploy it with Mercury Cloud.

Lawyer, graphic designer, mediator between the world of technology and business. Promoter of modern solutions in the field of Data Science.

Software engineer with passion to create data science tools. Solving the problem of Python notebooks sharing with non-technical audience.