Jean-Baptiste Braun

Jean-Baptiste Braun has been working in software engineering for 10 years. He is a freelance contractor working for one of the largest tech and data company in France: Adeo. He's mentoring a team to scale real time AI with good software engineering practices. In 2018, he co-organized the PyConFR. Between 2019 and 2022 he opened Just Escape, an escape room center in Lille, taking advantage of his engineering skills to create an amazing experience for players.


Unlocking the Power of What-If Analysis for BI, Data, and AI with Taipy
Jean-Baptiste Braun

What-if analysis is the key to exploring datasets and assessing outcomes by gradually varying input parameters. It is a vital tool for users in the realm of data analysis and decision-making. However, implementing what-if analysis can be challenging. Join this captivating talk as we delve into the practical implementation of what-if analysis using Taipy.

South Hall 2A