Unlocking the Power of What-If Analysis for BI, Data, and AI with Taipy
07-20, 11:20–11:50 (Europe/Prague), South Hall 2A

What-if analysis is the key to exploring datasets and assessing outcomes by gradually varying input parameters. It is a vital tool for users in the realm of data analysis and decision-making. However, implementing what-if analysis can be challenging. Join this captivating talk as we delve into the practical implementation of what-if analysis using Taipy.

This session will delve into a real-world industry case study highlighting the profound benefits of what-if analysis. While the focus is on Business Intelligence (BI), the concepts discussed are equally applicable to AI and data analysis in general.


Understanding the limitations of data exploration without what-if analysis
Discovering why your users will fall in love with what-if analysis
Demystifying the possibility of implementing what-if analysis with popular tools like PowerBI and Looker
Introducing Taipy: The Ultimate What-If Analysis Toolkit
Unveiling the killer features of Taipy that empower data professionals
A glimpse into the future of Taipy and what to expect
Live demo showcasing Taipy's powerful scenario feature

This session will ignite your enthusiasm as we explore the game-changing potential of designing front-ends in Python. With Python skills already prevalent among data analysts, the possibilities are endless.

Join this exciting journey as we unlock the full potential of what-if analysis with Taipy.

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Jean-Baptiste Braun has been working in software engineering for 10 years. He is a freelance contractor working for one of the largest tech and data company in France: Adeo. He's mentoring a team to scale real time AI with good software engineering practices. In 2018, he co-organized the PyConFR. Between 2019 and 2022 he opened Just Escape, an escape room center in Lille, taking advantage of his engineering skills to create an amazing experience for players.