Let’s make EuroPython 2024 an amazing conference🐍

  • Conference Dates: 8-14 July 2024
  • Venue: the Prague Congress Centre, Prague
  • Talk Proposal Deadline Extension: Wednesday, March 13th 2024 23:59:59 AoE (anywhere on earth) [previously March 6th]

EuroPython reflects the colourful and diverse backgrounds, cultures and interests of our community, so you (yes, you!) should go for it: propose something and represent! 🎉

No matter your level of Python or public speaking experience, EuroPython's job is to help you bring yourself to our community so we all flourish and benefit from each other's experience and contribution.

How is a good proposal structured? 💡

The abstract of your proposal needs to reflect your work, and convince people to attend your session, so we encourage you to take your time and write a good proposal.

If you are struggling with what to include in the proposal, we recommend you could first talk about the context of the problem/topic you are addressing, so you can later explain what’s the problem or situation you are planning to address.

After that, you should explain why it’s important to find a solution to your problem/topic, in order to highlight the relevance of your proposal. Also, don’t forget to mention to the readers what people are learning from your session.

Finally, it would be nice if you can describe any requirements to your talks, in order to motivate the audience from different knowledge levels.

A special field for you to write the outline of your talk will be provided, so don’t worry about adding it to the abstract.

First-Time Speakers 🙋

As in previous years, there will be a Speaker Mentorship Programme for anyone who needs help preparing their contribution. We focus on those for whom it might be their first time contributing to our conference, especially those from under-represented backgrounds. To this end we will match mentees with experienced and supportive mentors and run two workshops online: one close to the CFP closing date, focusing on improving your submissions; the other close to the conference date, helping you improve your talk.

Mentorship Programme: Check out the details and sign up now, if you want to be part of the programme: https://ep2024.europython.eu/mentorship


If you have a question, write to the programme team at programme@europython.eu.